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Social Development

Sylvia has been working for the N'Quatqua band since 2017. She assists clients and collaborate with the N'Quatqua Health & Wellness team, N'Quatqua leadership,  and the membership to achieve the social development/wellness targets of the community . Her position involves a wide variety of tasks and a adaptable mindset;

  • Interview clients to assess their situation and problems to determine the type of services required

  • Plan programs which offer support and assistance for clients

  • Help low - income clients to learn how to budget for their family

  • To fallow the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Policy and Procedures  Manual

  • To fallow the N'Quatqua Employee Policy


Sylvia Patrick

Social Development Worker

N'Quatqua Band & Health Station



Phone:(604)-452-3221 ext.224

Toll Free:1800 - 933 - 0323



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