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Our Mission

It is our mission to promote and encourage families to create and maintain a healthy community. We support the development of self-governance while respecting our relationship with the land, culture and language. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to honor and respect our lands and resources through a holistic approach. We will be committed to a strong, loving, healthy and sustainable community; that will have a consistent approach to education, culture, and language. That we will have a self governance system that will allow us to grow to meet our needs.​


​The traditional territory of the St'at'imc people, now known as the Sea-to-Sky corridor is the home of our people, and has served as a key route to connecting the interior to the coast. Once known as the Douglas Trail, the road ran from the coast into the territory of the St'at'imc people was built for prospectors going North. Now the Douglas Trail is seldom used but is crucial to reach many of our isolated reservations such as N'Quatqua, Seton, Shalalth, Port Douglas and Skookumchuck. N'Quatqua has a rich history that predates European contact ,and is steeped in mystery and ancient teachings.​

In 2015, N'Quatqua had 356 registered members, with 164 members living in the community, 42 members living in other first nations community's, and 151 living off reserve. Over the past 20 years N'Quatuqa's population has grown by approximately 48%

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