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N'Quatqua Band Office & Health Station

Working Together To Create A Healthy Community.

The N'Quatqua Health Station opened in 2000 and since then has provided the community with health care and services, the Health Station is a convenient and practical solution to our communities isolation. In 2013 the N'Quatqua Band Office moved from its old offices into the Health Station and since then continues to provide the community with programs and services that are an essential part of our community's well being.​


The Band and Health Station continues to provide our community with great support and courteous service in a professional manner.

N'Quatqua Band & Health Station

   Health Station Box #100

     Band Office Box #88

        D'Arcy BC, V0N-1L0

       Phone: (604)-452-3290 & (604)-452-3221

       Toll free: 1-800-933-0323

       Fax: (604)-452-3280 & (604)-452-3295

       Street Address: 120 Casper Charlie Place

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