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N'Quatqua Education & Employment

N'Quatqua Education Department is here to support our students/parents/ guardians in the N'Quatqua community from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and our Post-Secondary Students.


Our children are our future. How we treat each other, they learn. If we have self respect and have respect for others, our children will become strong leaders. Our children will learn better when they are in a loving, caring, and belonging environment.


We have to kneel down to there level and listen to them, HEAR them. How we answer them, is how they learn. If our children ask "WHY?" Give them a real answer, this how they learn, they learn by asking questions. Even us as adults can ask "WHY?" we are learning something new every day.


Literacy and Numeracy are important learning areas in the growth of our children.  Reading 10 minutes a day helps.  Enough rest and physical activity are to be a part or our everyday lives, in school, home or work.


N'Quatqua Post Secondary Education Application Deadlines:

September (Fall)  start  - April 15th (if the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will be a Monday)

January (Winter) - November 15th (Pending funding availability)


Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be returned to the Applicant.

Employment and Training

What is offered through ACCESS (Aboriginal Community Career & Employment Services Society)  This organization had replaced SASET as of April 1st, 2018.

ACCESS is the place to start building your future today. We deliver a unique and diverse assortment of education, training, counselling, support and financial services designed to help members of the urban Aboriginal community overcome barriers that may stand in the way of success and self-sufficiency. We develop partnerships with organizations and companies that match their needs to the needs of our Aboriginal clients creating a win, win situation for both partners.

ACCESS is an Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) holder. We are the only urban ASETS in British Columbia serving urban Aboriginal clients throughout Metro Vancouver. Our mandate is to enhance human resource development and the sustainable capacity of the urban Aboriginal population in Metro Vancouver through the provision of employment and training services. ACCESS is responsible and accountable for the programming, delivery, and reporting of results to government and community stakeholders.

Our core values are Respect, Honour, Kindness and Sharing and we treat our clients according to those values.

What can be offered through the N’Quatqua office?

Work Gear / Tool Start up?  We can help you with that stop in the office a book an appointment (old Band office)

Resume or Cover Letter:  Need help updating ?  We have computer access and templates/samples for you to start with.


Types of Training;

  1.  Apprenticeship - trades foundation and/or apprenticeship technical training are eligible, and are reviewed annually for the length of the apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programs must be accredited by the Industry Training Authority.

  2. Online training courses longer than 5 days must be pre-approved by the EAS Director.

  3. Part-Time Individual Training – may be considered under special circumstances and must be pre-approved by the EAS Director.

  4. Short-term Training – are eligible for industry-preferred/required certifications such as WHIMIS, First Aid, Serving It Right, etc.

There are many programs that are being offered in the Vancouver area.  If you have family and friends that are interested or have questions please do not hesitate to contact Julie Thevarge and book an appointment.


Julie Thevarge

Education & Employment Coordinator



Phone:(604)-452-3291 or 604-452-3221 (leave a message)



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