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N'Quatqua Lands & Resources Department


"Maintaining a healthy Territory with vigorous wildlife, clean watersheds, strong ecosystems and to reserve sovereignty over the Territory."


N'Quatqua Traditional Territory extends 220,404 hectares, from Duffey Lake to Gun lake within a geographical plateau on the eastern side of the coast/ Cascades Mountains.  Our Territory is home to a diverse range of ecosystems that have sustained our Nation for millennia.  To understand the Territory, it is important to consider its traditional users - its people and animals.

The Territory is experiencing continued industrial development activities, resources extraction and recreation tourism.  This affects N'Quatqua directly through increased pressures on the land base, an expanding disturbance footprint, displacement of natural resources such as forests, fish and wildlife, and can put drinking water sources at risk. 


All proposed projects/ land uses in the Territory (can) be viewed as an opportunity to establish a relationship and/ or partnership between N'Quatqua and the proponent (the individual or entity proposing the use).  As (potential) shared users of the Territory, it is important that N'Quatqua and proponents engage with one another in a spirit of respect and collaboration.  This includes recognizing N'Quatqua's history, traditional uses, and roles as stewards of the Territory; respecting the lands and resources; and having an open mind and working together to find common ground.  It requires engaging with N'Quatqua in a manner consistent with its community-driven approach to building consensus and making decisions. 

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- N'Quatqua Traditional Territory Land Use Plan:

-N'Quatqua IR 1 Land Use Plan:



Dennis Silzer-Smith

N'Quatqua Lands & Resources Department


N'Quatqua Band



Phone:(604)-452-3221 ext. 104


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