N'Quatqua Lands & Resources Department


"Maintaining a healthy territory with vigorous wildlife, clean watersheds, strong ecosystems and to reserve sovereignty over the territory."



The Lands and Resources Department is responsible for facilitating the decision-making process to Chief and Council regarding the management of the N’Quatqua Traditional Territory. There is two full time staff member Lands & Resources Coordinator and Lands Assisstant who is learning maps & GIS and a Lands Committee of six N’Quatqua Members: Annette Thevarge, Ralph Thevarge, Travis Peters, Teresa Barney, Jolene Patrick and the chair, Chief Harry O’Donaghey.


The department is in the process of establishing procedures to help the decision-making process and to maintain the flow of the operations in the department. Also, the department is working on developing a use and occupancy study with help of the community.


Short Term Goals

  • Have consultation tools and procedures in place

  • Develop our own GIS mapping tools and interpretation

  • Develop a traditional use study

  • Review and respond to crown land referrals



N'Quatqua Lands & Resources Depart. Coordinator: Vacant Nov. 2020

Email: chantel.thevarge@nquatqua.ca

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