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Ti xzuma tsitcw
Administration Office

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N'Quat'qua Multiplex  -  Updated Rendering 14september2022.jpg


Box #88    

D'Arcy BC, V0N-1L0      

Phone: (604)-452-3221      

Fax: (604)-452-3295

Toll Free: 1-800-933-0323

Street Address: 762 N'Quatqua Main Street

Grand Opening for Our Big House was on September 30th, 2023- Xzuma Tsitcw

Xzuma Tsitcw - Big House

Xzuma - Big

Tsitcw - House

The Administration Office continues to provide the community with programs and services that are an essential part of our community's well being.​


The Xzuma Tsitcw provide our community with great support and courteous service in a professional manner.

big house grand opening.jpg
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